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Excusion to the Ravenna's mosaics by night

Excusion to the Ravenna's mosaics by night

Ravenna as you've never seen it before: its splendid mosaics in the moonlight

Ravenna mosaici di notte

Every Friday from 3rd July to 31st August  - Ravenna as you never seen it before thanks to the magic guided visit to the illuminated mosaics.


Departure from Cervia - Torre San Michele by minibus and arrival to Ravenna to participate in one of the two proposed itineraries, of your choice:

ITINERARY 1 - Old Town

Rasponi Crypt and Roof Gardens, Basilica San Vitale and Mausoleum Galla Placidia, Domus of the Stone Carpets


ITINERARY 2 - Old Harbour and Classe archeological area

Visit to the ancient Classe's harbour, an archaeological area that offers a clear view of the roads and buildings that arose in the 5th-6th century, San Apollinare in Classe Basilica.


Reservation by IAT Cervia 0544 974400


The excursion will be carried out with 8 people. Guided visit only in italian.








From 3rd July to 31st August


From 20,30 to 23,30


Euro 32,00 per person (minibus and guided visit)

Book your holiday-Info & Booking 0544 974400

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