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The town talks

The town talks

A walk through the streets of the quadrilateral to discover the history, traditions and characters of the city of Cervia

Behind the beach, Cervia's old town is the destination of a promenade full of meetings


Il borgo antico racconta, portone di una casa del borgoBehind the sea and wide expanse of beach, a paradise for your summer holidays, lies the historic town of Cervia, with its old houses formerly belonging to salt workers, its lively squares, packed with trendy bars or food outlets that continue the town’s tradition of maritime cuisine.

The salt workers’ houses provide a fascinating attraction that bears witness to the town’s resettlement as recounted in historical documents. In fact, New Cervia was built closer to the sea to escape the unhealthy environment of the salt marshes.

Thus, the buildings of the old city were dismantled, and the materials were recovered to build the new town. In 1698, the first stone was laid. This is the history that can be relived today as you stroll through the town.

Among these regular streets, in these squares that today host entertainments and lively events, each step leads to an authentic experience that reveals the town’s past.

Starting from the low houses, with their small doors and narrow stairways, you can peer into the courtyards that were once so full of life and now stand silent.

Il  borgo antico racconta, finestra sul borgo - Ph. Archivio prima paginaBut a walk through these alleys is made truly special by the characters who populate this story: the salt workers, their families, and the children who once played on these streets. Or again, the fishwives in the fish market. These are the characters of a town that with just a touch of imagination, some testimonials and a specific App - Immagina Cervia - can come back to life for tourists as they stroll.


Immagina Cervia is an innovative tale of Cervia, a way to explore the town using a tablet or a smartphone, to discover the history, the traditions and way of life of the people of Cervia

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