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Art and culture

Art and culture

Cervia's history is fascinating and worth discovering. Its historic centre is surrounded by an architectural quadrilateral of houses that tells about the past of a salt-tied town, where the saltpan workers' families would live.

A short walk away from the centre, outside the quadrilateral walls, the Salt Storehouses and the St Michael Tower - which once had the function of a check point over the salt trade - mirror onto the canal.

Down the port canal you get into the atmosphere of the Fishermen's Neighbourhood, characterised by a row of small terraced houses.

Giuseppe Palanti's House

Grazia Deledda's House



Madonna degli Angeli Sanctuary

Madonna della Neve Church

Musa - Salt Museum

Ticket required

Piazza Andrea Costa Square

Piazza Garibaldi Flooring

Piazza Garibaldi Square

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