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Thematic path of contrasts

Two extremely different realities

The scope in this route is the presence of two contrasting environments.

Here live side by side the original, well-structured and complete forest and the new tree planting, composed of young trees planted following the waterspout of 2019, which razed an important part of the pine forest of Milano Marittima and Cervia to the ground.

The waterspout came from the sea and reached land in this very area, then continued diagonally for 2.5 km towards the heart of the forest further south, razing more than 30 hectares (300,000 square metres) of pine forest to the ground.

The theme is therefore one of 'contrast' between a before and after wind that has so radically altered the pine forest.

Sensory game 

Approach the trees planted after the waterspout event,
observe the trunk, the leaves and whether there are fruits.
Can you recognise them? Can you find them in the woods?



Sea trumpets

Similar to waterspouts that occur on land, waterspouts also occur on lakes.

The 'whirlwind' is a column of air, visible or not, which rotates violently below a thunderstorm cloud (cumulonembus) and reaches the ground.

It generally forms when there is a puffy-looking cloud, known as a 'congested cumulus', which develops vertically and can reach a height of up to 6,000 m.

These clouds form when the surface of the water is at a high temperature (above 25 °C), which can supply energy to the air above, giving rise to even very intense updrafts.

If, at the same time, colder downward currents are in progress, the collision between them can give rise to swirling motions that cause the air to rotate on itself, giving rise to the waterspout.

When the proboscis, known as the tuba, touches the surface of the sea, the waterspout is in full activity and its contours will be more clearly delineated by a white mass of sprayed water.

The phenomenon cannot be easily classified or predicted, one can only indicate the conditions favourable to its formation.

Path of contrasts

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