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Romagna Bike Tour

Romagna Bike Tour

From Cervia to the hills in the lands of the Spungone, among fortresses, valleys and artistic treasures
A ring-route on mixed terrain, from the coast to the hills, through characteristic panoramas and territories of Romagna.
With a plunge into history you leave the Riviera to reach the rocky Spungone ridge, which forms the hills of Romagna from Bertinoro to Castrocaro Terme.
Among medieval villages, spas, cities of art and culture and food and wine stops, you can taste the authentic essence of Romagna.

The route

  • km 133,5 km
  • height difference 2500 mt
  • road surface: dirt roads, asphalt, paths, bicycle paths
  • Recommended bikes: mountain bike, trekking bike, gravel

 Cervia-Romagna Bike Tour  - Ph. Stefano Micheli




The Tour in 3 stages

  • Cervia-Bertinoro km 45
  • Bertinoro-Castrocaro Terme km 48
  • Castrocaro Terme-Faenza km 39
  • Faenza-Cervia, by train

Download the track in gpx

Romagna Bike Tour route

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From 15th April to 15th October
package bookable individually



Cervia - Bertinoro - Castrocaro - Faenza


Information office

Tourist Information Office - Cervia
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