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Once upon a time there was a crystal of salt

Once upon a time there was a crystal of salt

A guided tour of the salt museum for children aged 5 to 10 and the good night fairy tale.

Check with the organizer the actual realization of the guided tour.

visite bambini

Guided tour for children aged 5 to 10 inside the Cervia's salt museum. Together we will discover strange and mysterious objects useful to make known the millennial history of the salt of Cervia. At the end of the guided tour we will meet together to read a fairy tale before wishing a beautiful night.



Guided tour for younger guests aged 5 to 10.
To welcome them there will be a guide who, with simple and child-friendly language, will lead them through the rooms of the museum to get to know all the working tools of the salt workers.

The visit is reserved for a minimum of 5 children and a maximum of 10 and reservations are required.


Thursday 24 June at 21.00

Thursday 22 July at 21.00

Thursday 12 August at 21.00

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