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Am I dreaming or awake?

Am I dreaming or awake?

Around forty artists from different generations, from the early 20th century to the present day

Sogno o son desto, copertina catalogo 2022

The exhibition is divided into three sections: Nocturnes, Daydreaming; The Dream of the Ancient and Contemporary Imaginary, with over forty artists from different generations, covering over a century of history, from the early twentieth century to the present day, that is, from Futurism to the different languages of the present day.

From Futurism to the present day

The first section - Nocturnes, Daydreaming

It presents a significant sampling of landscapes and nocturnal visions, with historical artists such as Dottori, Sironi, Drei, Romiti, Rossi, up to Paladino, Violetta, Pompili and the younger Lombardi, Babini, Neri.

The central section - The Dream of the Ancient

The largest one, offers a very heterogeneous panorama of surprising images, between a visionary approach taken to the threshold of hallucination, images of a disoriented reality, almost fable-like suggestions, through the most heterogeneous linguistic solutions. Among the artists present, from masters of the early twentieth century such as De Chirico, Licini, Casorati, to protagonists of the second half of the century such as Matta, Moreni, Scanavino, Vacchi, Baj, Morlotti, Giosetta Fioroni, Ontani, Cucchi, De Dominicis, to reach the present day with D'Ambrosio and Rivalta.

The last section - Contemporary Imaginary

It brings together artists who reinterpret the past through very different languages, and some others taken from the imagination of our time: from Funi, Francese, Mattioli, Schifano, to Pulini, Pozzi, Minguzzi, Lucia Nanni, and a surprising creator of monsters. Visual traces of a time projected towards virtual realities, and at the same time memories of the past, regressions into an archaic oneiricity.
The exhibition will be documented by a catalogue with reproductions of all the works on display and a text by the curator.

Curator of the exhibition, Prof. Claudio Spadoni

Opening Friday 22nd July at 6.30 p.m.

Sogno o son desto, Baj

 Cervia - Sogno o son desto exhibition


from Friday 22nd July to Sunday 21st August 2022


from 8.00 to midnight


Torre Salt Warehouse

Cervia - Via Nazario Sauro



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