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The Salt Route

The Salt Route

An evocative show to recall the ancient salt trade routes between Cervia and Venezia

La Rotta del Sale 2015 - 400x400It follows the ancient salt-trade sailing routes. The welcoming celebrations of the historical fleet include music and shows of great atmosphere.

In the enchanting atmosphere of the Piazzale dei Salinari on the canal harbour of Cervia and Milano Marittima, during the show inspired to the past, the salt workers, dressed in old and traditional clothes, will load the “white gold” on the wooden boats.

The Salt Route recalls the period in which the city of Cervia depended on the Venetian Signoria. “The Serenissima” (1243-
1253 and 1463-1509). In that period Venice dominated the Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea trade routes and the salt produced in Cervia represented an extremely precious item, very
important for the preservation of food.
The Salt Route Event is a spectacular show that brings us back to that period.
In Piazzale dei Salinari the salt will be loaded on ancient sailing ships heading for the “Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia” as they used to do in the past.



August 2020


9.00 p.m.


Town historical centre




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