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Ravenna Festival

Ravenna Festival

Dedicated to Dante. The prestigious event returns to Cervia, in Piazza Garibaldi and at the Stadio dei Pini Arena in Milano Marittima

The XXXII edition of the Ravenna Festival brings a series of shows, music and culture to Cervia and to the Arena dello Stadio dei Pini in Milano Marittima.

Cervia, Ravenna Festival, Arena Stadio dei Pini

Saturday 19th and Thursday 24th June, Saturday 3rd, Thursday 8th and Sunday 25th July

Milano Marittima - Arena dei Pini 

Thursday 22nd and Saturday 31st July

Cervia - Piazza Garibaldi

The Ravenna Festival returns to Cervia and Milano Marittima with seven events dedicated to culture and music. A festival created ad hoc, feet firmly planted in an excellent past but with an eye on the present and the future.
From 19 June to 31 July, always at 9.30 p.m., seven appointments of the second edition, the Trebbo in musica 2.1, renew and reinvent the Romagna tradition of the trebbo and the pioneering public readings of Walter Della Monica and "Toni" Comello, between homages to Dante and tributes to another poetic and musical heritage, that of Italian songwriting.

The event, this year extended to Piazza Garibaldi as well as to the Stadio dei Pini Arena, will see the participation of Elio, Neri Marcorè, Piero Pelù, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, Ambrogio Sparagna, Peppe Servillo, Mario Incudine, the Corelli Orchestra and the Stefano Di Battista Jazz Quartet, as well as Ernesto Assante and Gino Castaldo, Federico Buffa, Aldo Cazzullo and Marco Belpoliti.


7 encounters between poetry, words, topical issues and music

The detailed programme, with the protagonists of the seven meetings, is available below, under For further information


Saturday 19th June

Milano Marittima - Stadio dei Pini Arena, Via Ravenna 61

Vi raccontiamo Lucio Dalla

By and with Ernesto Assante and Gino Castaldo
featuring Stefano Di Battista Jazz Quartet

Stefano Di Battista saxophone
Amedeo Ariano drums
Julian Oliver Mazzariello piano
Dario Rosciglione  double bass

Vi raccontiamo Lucio Dalla

His fingers were too short for the piano, his knowledge of music was not enough to compose, his looks were uncomely, he had collected a series of failures in the record industry, he was not an intellectual. Yet, he has come to be recognised as one of the greatest singer-songwriters in the history of Italian music. Assante and Castaldo, two authorities in music journalism, have drawn Lucio Dalla’s portrait in a biography that narrates the life and music of this artist, born on March 4,1943, extremely popular yet unpredictable and indecipherable, equally at ease with pop music, songwriting and jazz, and striking up friendships with lyricists and poets.
The same interpretative key will be chosen by a most successful Italian jazz talent, Stefano Di Battista’s quartet, signed up with the prestigious Blue Note label.
Numbered seats € 15,00 - under 18 € 5,00

Thursday 24th June  Ravenna Festival, profilo Dante

Milano Marittima - Stadio dei Pini Arena, Via Ravenna 61

A riveder le stelle

from the book of the same name by Aldo Cazzullo (Mondadori, 2020)

By and with Aldo Cazzullo
with the participation of Piero Pelù

directed by Angelo Generali

A riveder le stelle, Piero Pelù

Italy was born from Dante’s verses: this unshakable conviction led Aldo Cazzullo to write about the Supreme Poet in his 700th anniversary, and his book - already a ‘classic’ bestseller - is named after the final verse of Dante’s Inferno. His detailed retracing of Dante’s journey allows us to appreciate its contemporary relevance: women conceived as God’s masterpiece, the typically Italian ability of reinventing oneself, and the blaming of those who allow their own interests to get in the way of the public interest. Adapted for the stage by Angelo Generali (who had already worked on books by Augias, Sgarbi, Massini and Don Gallo), the book will see another born and bread Florentine, Piero Pelù, steer the music of Dante’s verses towards “rock”.

Numbered seats € 15,00 - under 18 € 5,00

Wednesday 30th June 

Milano Marittima - Stadio dei Pini Arena, Via Ravenna 61


from the book of the same name by Marco Belpoliti

conversation by Emiliano Visconti

with Marco Belpoliti

and the participation of Giovanni Lindo Ferretti

In collaboration with Rapsodia Festival and the Municipal Library "Maria Goia" of Cervia
to follow

Giovanni Lindo Ferretti in concert

With a happy heart

with Ezio Bonicelli electric guitar and violin
Luca A. Rossi bass, electric guitar and electronic drums
"An autobiography in the form of a landscape'. This is how Marco Belpoliti defines his book on the Po Valley: neither a treatise nor a historiographic essay, but rather the evisceration of an imaginary and (collective) story of a "fundamental part of Italy, faced with an identity crisis". Involving a myriad of noble sons of this land (including those from Ravenna, such as Marco Martinelli and Ermanna Montanari), Belpoliti traces the coordinates for a future that can overflow with passion, ethics and history at least as much as the past. An Emilia, therefore, distant and yet close, always "paranoid" and no less familiar. The poetic and biographical epicentre of an explorer of worlds and cultures such as Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, who will give "a happy heart" to the most iconic repertoire of CCCP and CSI.
Numbered seats €15,00 - under 18 € 5,00

Thursday 8 July

Milano Marittima - Stadio dei Pini Arena, Via Ravenna 61

Federico Buffa
Fragile friends

The story of a meeting between Gigi Riva and Fabrizio De André
by Marco Caronna and Federico Buffa

Marco Caronna guitars, voices, percussions
Alessandro Nidi piano
directed by Marco Caronna

Buffa, amici fragili

The unpredictable trajectory that introduced Gigi Riva and Fabrizio De André in 1969 is the story of two young men to whom Italy had given the imagination of a generation. Rombo di tuono had just played at Marassi, in the same Genoa where Faber used to make the sun rise with his guitar. It took several whiskies and countless cigarettes for the two, unbeknownst to each other as idols, to break the ice and feel united by something that transcended their talent: it was instinct that overturned the order of the strongest, just like Riva's ruinous Cagliari, the future Italian champion. That night had no sequel. Presuming that this would be the first and last meeting, the footballer left with his guitar and the singer-songwriter with the number 11 shirt, the only objects they could exchange.

Numbered seats €15.00 - under 18s €5.00

Thursday 22nd July  

Cervia - Piazza Garibaldi

The divine women of Dante

with Neri Marcorè

and with
Stefano Cabrera cello
Domenico Mariorenzi guitar, piano
Simone Talone percussion
Flavia Barbacetto, Angelica Dettori vocalists

musical arrangements Stefano Cabrera

Le divine donne di Dante

Dante's writing is interwoven with dialogues between the ancient and the modern, the dead and the living, the "submerged" and the "saved". It asks us to go further, to try new paths and welcome new encounters. In this way, we can venture some faint threads between the music of endecasyllables capable of evoking images and the songs that have inhabited or inhabit our days. Some of Dante's figures camp out in the imagination with the evidence of things seen and in the memory conquer a sort of autonomous vitality. So, the idea behind this brand new show by Neri Marcoré is to give voice to what has no voice in the Comedy, where Dante meets men for the most part, but also a certainly not negligible number (for those times) of women: a female anthology through which to build a new possible dialogue.

Numbered seats €20,00 - under 18 € 5,00

Sunday 25 July  Ravenna Festival, profilo Dante

Milano Marittima - Arena Stadio dei Pini, Via Ravenna 61

Dante and popular singers

with Ambrogio Sparagna and Peppe Servillo

Ambrogio Sparagna accordion and voice
Peppe Servillo voice
Erasmo Treglia hurdy-gurdy, trumpet violin and ciaramella
Clara Graziano accordion
Raffaello Simeoni voice, guitar and folk winds
Marco Iamele bagpipe and ciaramella
Alessia Salvucci tambourines
Anna Rita Colaianni voice
Mario Incudine voice and guitar
and with the children's choir Libere Note directed by Catia Gori

Convivio, Dante e i cantori popolari

It is well known that Dante's greatness goes far beyond the confines of the elite circle of the 'cultured' to radiate out into the so-called 'popular' world. And we know that over the centuries his verses have influenced and entered into the poetic production of oral tradition, for example inspiring the metres and themes of that practice of extemporary poetry in ottava rima that today, precious, survives in some areas of central Italy. So it is precisely through this seven-century-long thread that the songs and music that animate this Dantean "banquet" run. Ambrogio Sparagna, together with some valiant travelling companions and at the head of an ensemble as versatile as it is expert, concerts the narration: from the story of Paolo and Francesca to those of Ulysses and Count Ugolino, punctuated by music "in the ancient manner".
Numbered seats €15.00 - under 18s €5.00

Saturday 31 July

Cervia - Piazza Garibaldi

You need an ear

Elio sings and plays Enzo Jannacci

direction and dramaturgy Giorgio Gallione
musical arrangements Paolo Silvestri
Seby Burgio piano
Martino Malacrida drums
Pietro Martinelli bass and double bass
Sophia Tomelleri saxophone
Giulio Tullio trombone

 Elio, ci vuole orecchio

 It had to happen and it happened. Two icons of "Milaneseness" and of Italian "humorous" song meet at a later date. The fact that Elio has always been too witty and cultured to be "contained" by the label of "demential" and that Jannacci has always been much (but much) more than a jolly outsider of Italian pop music is just one more reason to greet this tribute with the utmost expectation. The tragicomic vein of Enzo che purtava i scarp del tennis has given life, amidst tumbles of notes and misfortunes, to characters and stories that reveal, as if under a microscope, all the shades of greyness of existence and society. The same ones that Elio has witnessed in thirty years of ingenious and illuminating linguistic and sound calembour.

Numbered seats €20.00 - under 18s € 5.00

Info and presale

Tickets: single numbered seat 15 Euro (Arena dello Stadio dei Pini) and 20 Euro (Piazza Garibaldi)

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from 19th June to 31st July 2021


9.30 p.m.

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