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Ravenna Festival. The Trebbo in music 2.2 - A desperate vitality

Ravenna Festival. The Trebbo in music 2.2 - A desperate vitality

Musical meeting for Pier Paolo Pasolini, by and with Vasco Brondi

The XXXIII edition of the Ravenna Festival brings a series of shows, music and culture to the Arena dello Stadio dei Pini in Milano Marittima.

Cervia, Ravenna Festival, Arena Stadio dei Pini

An event inspired by the Trebbo

Homage to Pier Paolo Pasolini. Vasco Brondi voice and guitar, Daniela Savoldi cello, Angelo Trabace piano, Andrea Faccioli guitars, Niccolò Fornabaio percussions. Special guests Davide Toffolo, Emanuele Trevi and Valentina Lodovini. Original production of Ravenna Festival

Ravenna Festival 2022, Vasco Brondi in Milano Marittima - Ph. Max Cardelli

Thursday 30th June

A desperate vitality

Evocations and quotations intertwine: the title of an extraordinary collection of poetry and the "rally" that brings to mind the "love" ones that marked and revealed an era. Not even a small part of Pasolini's complex personality can be enclosed in one performance. One can, however - and this is the attempt of Vasco Brondi, already the talented protagonist of the project Le luci della centrale elettrica - grasp the strength even in single fragments. Thus, songs and music are confronted with the words, reflections and verses of PPP, whose writing becomes a sort of invisible narrative voice: the journeys to India and Africa, the villages of Friuli, the outskirts of Rome, the cities of the Adriatic coast, a world that no longer exists and yet still exists. Reflections on the actuality of the past, reflections on eternity.

Info and presale

Single numbered seat € 20,00
Reduced price € 18,00
Young people under 18 € 5,00

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Ravenna Festival


Thursday 30th July 2022


21.00 Uhr


Stadio dei Pini Arena

Milano Marittima


Single numbered seat € 20,00
Reduced price € 18,00
Young people under 18 € 5,00

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