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The Cervia Quiz, Gene Gnocchi

The Cervia Quiz, Gene Gnocchi

By and with Gene Gnocchi, accordion Christian Ravaglioli - Ravenna Festival. The Trebbo in music 2.2

The XXXIII edition of the Ravenna Festival brings a series of shows, music and culture to the Arena dello Stadio dei Pini in Milano Marittima.

Cervia, Ravenna Festival, Arena Stadio dei Pini

An event inspired by the Trebbo

The itinerary of meetings at the Arena dei Pini hosts an evening enlivened by the comedy of Gene Gnocchi, accompanied by Christian Ravaglioli's accordion.

Ravenna Festival 2022, Gene Gnocchi e Christian Ravaglioli - Ph. Ravenna Festival

Tuesday 21st June

The Cervia Quiz

There is an adage, attributed to Eduardo De Filippo, which states: comedy is the art of concealing the intention to make people laugh. A master of this sprezzatura has been, for more than thirty years, Gene Gnocchi, who has traversed the history of Italian comic television as a protagonist. And this show, too, is no exception, due to its peculiarity: how does one make people laugh with a quiz about Cervia? This is the challenge Gene has decided to take up head-on, presenting and conducting this comedy game that, as he himself says, "allows you to have fun and learn something at the same time".
Master of ceremonies and comedy, Gene will conduct the Cervia Quiz with the complicity of Christian Ravaglioli's accordion.

There will be two contestants: the mayor of Cervia, Massimo Medri, and his challenger, Andrea “Pelo” Di Giorgio, the cervese ultathlete protagonist of many sporting feats. There will be many topics, ranging from Cervia's salt traditions to the legends of the Romagna Riviera, from the history of Milano Marittima to ballroom dancing.

Info and presale

Single numbered seat € 20,00
Reduced price € 18,00
Young people under 18 € 5,00

Iat Cervia

  • tel. +39 0544 974400

Iat Milano Marittima

  • tel. +39 0544 993435

Ravenna Festival


Tuesday 21st June 2022


9.30 p.m.


Stadio dei Pini Arena

Milano Marittima


Single numbered seat € 20,00
Reduced price € 18,00
Young people under 18 € 5,00

Information office

Tourist Information Office - Cervia
Torre San Michele, Via Arnaldo Evangelisti 4
0544 977194
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