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The Underwater World - Journey to the Deep

The Underwater World - Journey to the Deep

Milano Marittima becomes a huge and immense Underwater World

Milano Marittima -The Underwater world,  tunnel

Stroll through the streets of the centre of Milano Marittima and imagine walking on a seabed, surrounded by curious and colourful fish hiding among corals and anemones, amidst lights, colours, artists and music inspired by the mysterious and fascinating underwater world.

Through plays of light, musical suggestions in the heart of the city (Viale Gramsci) and light installations depicting giant sea creatures in the rest of the pedestrian area of the centre, MIlano Marittima is transformed into an evocative and fantastic seabed!

A unique "immersive experience" involving visitors with sensorial suggestions, in a continuous flow of curiosity and emotions: a real "journey into the abyss"!


A journey into the abyss

Four 4-metre high blue portals with fish and corals, located at the beginning of Viale Matteotti and Viale Gramsci, as well as a seven-metre long tunnel with marvellous manta rays located in Via Forlì, are the entrances to the fantastic Underwater World.

Continuing towards the centre, one can encounter the giant turtle, clown fish, majestic 6-metre jellyfish that change colour, and many other cute sea creatures.

Milano Marittima - The Underwater World, octopus - Ph. Project Proloco Milano Marittima


The appointments

From 22nd July to 11th September

Lighting decorations

From 30th July to 20th August, except Sunday 14th August

Viale Gramsci - 9.30 p.m., 10.15 p.m. 11.00 p.m

Journey to the depths, immersive shows

Sound-visual experiences lasting approximately 7 minutes, at regular intervals.
Mini visual-sound shows that transform the street into a marine corridor animated by games and lights, special effects and special sounds inspired by the mysterious and fascinating deep blue.

A continuous flow of sensorial suggestions starting at dusk, cadenced in three evening moments.

A masterful direction creates special effects and lighting effects. The wow effect is guaranteed!

Il Mondo Sottomarino, grafica

The Underwater World is a project conceived and produced by CELS Group with the support of the Municipality of Cervia and promoted by the ProLoco of Milano Marittima.


from 22nd July to 11th September 2022,
immersive shows from 30 July to 20 August,
except the 14th



Viale Antonio Gramsci, Rotonda 1° Maggio, Viale Giacomo Matteotti



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