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The temptation of raw food

The temptation of raw food

If you try it, you'll never leave it. A triumph of tartare, fine crustaceans and carefully selected fish accompanied by labels that enhance the flavour of the sea.

Seafood crudité: Tartare  - Ph. Gruppo Fotografico Cervese

An exquisite temptation for the palate, raw fish is also becoming popular in Romagna. Culinary contaminations have been a hit: from transalpine cuisine, with tartare and oysters, to Asian cuisine, based on sashimi, maki and nigiri. The tasting of crudo has become a speciality that appeals on many occasions: from aperitifs to romantic encounters, from business lunches to impromptu breaks. The elements of the success of raw fish? The variety of the raw material, its freshness and high quality, and the refined presentation that stimulates the "visual taste" even before the palate. In short: those who have tried it have been won over, and can no longer do without it. The selection of crudités is a triumph of refined tartare, filleted fish, but also fine crustaceans and molluscs, a wide variety of fresh fish, carefully selected according to seasonality. The result is a splendid plateau accompanied by a selection of excellent wines and sparkling wines that enhance the flavour of the sea.

The safe technique for tasting crudités

Seafood Crudité - Ph. Gruppo Fotografico Cervese

Raw food is now more than ever a temptation for the palate.

But beware, the raw preparation of fish requires procedures that guarantee healthiness and safe consumption. The risk of parasites, although low, does exist. The first recommendation is therefore as follows: raw fish should be "blast chilled" with a blast chiller after purchase. And for those who do not have a blast chiller at home, it should be frozen. When doing the opposite operation, i.e. when it has to be taken out of the freezer, remember that the fish must be put into the refrigerator before being processed.

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