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Wild grass

Wild grass

Erbe spontanee, rucolaTo the countryside we owe the discovery of the taste of wild herbs that are still widely used and appreciated today.

Among the most present on the peasant table are:

  • Strigoli or Strìgul, an ideal herb especially for making dry pasta sauces
  • the Fat Grass or Erba grassa that was used in the past as a poor man's salad
  • Rocket or Rócla which grows wild as a herb and is eaten as a fresh vegetable in salads
  • Mulberries or Zéls, which provided an exquisite quality of blackberries, excellent for tarts
  • the Blackthorn or Prugnöl, the shrub with long thorns, whose flowers have a slight honey scent and with its fruits, 'prugnole', a very sour and tasty jam can be made.

Thanks to the experience of the salt miners, however, the countryside had also become acquainted with Liscari or Léscar, a herb that grows at the edge of the salt marsh, which is especially good steamed.

For those interested in gathering wild herbs, it should be mentioned that in the pine forest, asparagus, mushrooms, truffles, juniper berries, blackberries and pine nuts may be gathered in regulated quantities.

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