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Francesco's way

Holy path from Rimini to La Verna


The holy path was inaugurated in 2013 on the occasion of the eight hundredth anniversary of the passage of St. Francesco in Valmarecchia and of the "gift" of Mount della Verna, which took place in San Leo.

It winds through a beautiful landscape, characterized by the Marecchia river and by rugged cliffs surmounted by ancient fortified villages. The Apennine stretch that connects Valmarecchia to La Verna takes place in a mountain environment, between woods and along long stretches of ridges.

An ancient tradition wants that St. Francis, during his wanderings, was housed for one night in a modest house where he would be offered a cypress stick as a support for the journey that, planted by the Saint at Villa Verucchio, would later become the current secular tree.

A part of the route is on foot following a stage of the journey of San Francesco.

Package Price

From € 95,00 per person

Villa Verucchio-San Leo

Distance: 22,9 Km
Difference in level: +705 m; -204 m
Time Villa Verucchio - San Leo 5h55'; San Leo - Villa Verucchio 5h25'
Difficulty: Percorso Turistico
The path goes into the beautiful landscape of the medium-high Valmarecchia dominated by fortified forts. You mainly walk on dirt roads and some stretches of asphalt. From the Convent of Santa Croce continue with the historical-naturalistic path along the bank of the Marecchia up to Ponte Verucchio. Here you cross the river and proceed to the left bank with the hermitage of Madonna di Saiano. After a few hundred meters you continue on a flat naturalistic path up to Ponte Santa Maria Maddalena. From here you climb through narrow streets that alternate asphalt and dirt roads, on a very scenic ridge, with views of San Leo. After a few hundred meters you continue on a flat naturalistic path up to Ponte Santa Maria Maddalena. From here you climb through narrow streets that alternate asphalt and dirt road, on a very scenic ridge, with a view of San Leo (still far), the Pincio and Aquilone mountains also called the "sleeping bishop", for the unmistakable shape that made it an important point of orientation for the pilgrims of Rome, who descended to Rimini and then crossed the Valmarecchia to svalicare towards Rome. Between pastures, cultivated fields and wooded patches, you reach the Convent of Sant'Igne, one of the most significant destinations of the Way. From the convent you can soon reach San Leo, completing the last stretch with the beautiful view of the cliff surmounted by the imposing fortress, as Dante remembers in the Divine Comedy.



San Leo - arrival to your hotel. Lunch 
Afternoon on disposal to San Leo visit 
Dinner and  ovenight stay. Breakfast in hotel and packet-snak for the coming back way (water/ fruits/ 1 piece of cake)
Return to Villa Verucchio. Possibility to return by bus line 160 from Secchiano ( San Leo Secchiano Km 7,4)



Package includes

  • 2 days 1 night
  • 1 full board day
  • Double room or twin room


Package does NOT include

Tourist tax to pay in hotel and any services not mentioned in "the package includes"


  • children in room with two adults. Discounts according to their age.


  • single room: + 20%


Valid from Jan 01, 2017 until Dec 31, 2018

Information office

Tourist Information Office - Cervia
Torre San Michele, Via Arnaldo Evangelisti 4
0544 977194
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