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Evening bus service from Cervia to Cesenatico

In Summer Cervia and Cesenatico are closer: from Friday 1st July to Wednesday 31st August 2022, 62 days of evening connections in collaboration with Amr

Summer connection, July and August 2022

1st July to 31st August 2022

From Friday 1st July until Wednesday 31st August, the two cities will be even closer and united in synergy with Amr thanks to a new evening public transport connection that will run for the entire summer period, making it easier for the citizens of the two cities and also for tourists to get around easily, safely and also in a sustainable manner.

The first run will leave at 7.23 from Cervia and at 7.17 from Cesenatico; the last run will leave at 00.33 from Cervia and at 00.30 from Cesenatico.

Timetable details

Cervia - Cesenatico bus connection, timetable table 2022 - Ph. website Start Romagna

source: Start Romagna website


The two municipal administrations have worked together to achieve this fine result, also counting on the support of Amr (Agenzia mobilità romagnola)


For information and timetables on the service

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