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Il Sarchiapone

Il Sarchiapone

Contest for young comedians in honour of Walter Chiari

Il Sarchiapone - Sara Dall'Olio e Andrea Vasumi - 800-opt80

"Il Sarchiapone" is an event named after a popular comic gag by Walter Chiari, the late Italian actor and comedian whom the festival is dedicated to. Mr Chiari used to spend his holidays in Cervia and he also had many friends here. One of them was Bruno Guidazzi who organised the festival for the first time in 1980. It is a competition for young stand-up comedians who perform in front of a jury and numerous spectators. Every year "Il Sarchiapone" also offers a special award to some Italian celebrities working in the television, cinema, theatre and music field.



Saturday 5th August 2017


9.00 p.m.


Piazza G. Garibaldi



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