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Guardian angels ""

Guardian angels ""

Cervia Lifeguards Cooperative and interview with team leader Leonardo Marchetti

Your holiday by the sea safer and safer

Eighty rescue sailors, men and women, trained hard to make holidays by the sea safer and safer.
How? Team leader Leonardo Marchetti explains it to us.




On the beaches of Cervia, Milano Marittima, Pinarella and Tagliata there are 80 lifeguards, true "guardian angels in red".
Thanks to the constant commitment of the Lifeguard Cooperative, they are among the most efficient in the world thanks to training and first aid courses, athletic training in the gym and swimming pool and much more.
The beach also offers the service "A lifeguard for a friend" which provides useful equipment for disabled tourists.


Let's get to know better Leonardo Marchetti, who has been a team leader for 15 years and works on the beaches of Cervia.

80 sailors on 9 km of coastline - including girls - who are required to be highly professional. Are these the characteristics that have made Cervia's beach rescue service one of the best in the world?These and many other factors. Such as the establishment of a "protocol" developed by the Lifeguards' Cooperative which requires the intervention of three perfectly synchronised sailors.Each one has his own job to do: one goes out to sea to rescue people, one prepares the defibrillator, one communicates with the 118 emergency services.
In the past, the sailor had to do everything himself.
And then there's the intensive preparation before the season starts. For example, we are the only corps in Italy to train to develop visual perception.
We are followed by a team of doctors from Studio Visus, who also train Olympic athletes or champions like Valentino Rossi.

What does it mean to be part of such a reality?
A few minutes at sea can make all the difference in saving a person, and when you are aware of this, the greatest satisfaction is knowing that you are in a place where every year you are trained harder and harder to improve your performance.
Cervia's beaches have always been at the forefront in terms of lifesaving: we were the first to introduce defibrillators among sailors' equipment when they had not yet been made compulsory by the Region, and even back then we trained our youngsters to use them in the best possible way.
We have always grown from there.

What does it mean for tourists to know that you are there to control their holiday?
Our beaches are the safest in Italy and I think tourists choose Cervia for this reason too.
Safety is fundamental, especially for those with children or the elderly.
We are aware that tourists also count on us to relax despite the sea.
After all, they are on holiday.

Another very important service is "A Lifeguard for a Friend". What does it consist of?
We are particularly proud of this service, created by the Cervia Lifeguards Cooperative in 2004 in collaboration with Fisioequipe.
In summer 2016 it received the "Responsible Innovators" Award from the Emilia-Romagna Region. Totally financed by the Cooperative, free of charge for tourists, it provides all the necessary tools to make the holiday fully enjoyable for tourists with disabilities. Just ask at the bathing establishment for tools such as a chair and one of the 41 physiotherapists.
Over the past 13 years, 1,800 people have used the service, and demand has tripled since the early years.

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