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I Love Golf

I Love Golf

The Adriatic Golf Club just a stone's throw from the sea: twenty-seven holes, three different courses between the pine forest and the sea, tracing the classic Scottish links or the great American courses.

The Adriatic Golf Club

With its 27 holes and an extension of almost 100 hectares, just a few steps from the sea and the centre of Milano Marittima, the Adriatic Golf Club Cervia is considered by many golfers to be one of the best equipped and most interesting golfing centres; in fact, every year it hosts important competitions and prestigious champions.
The Club offers its guests three courses, each different in terms of landscape and characteristics, created thanks to the collaboration of professional golfer Baldovino Dassù with architects Alvise Rossi and Marco Croze.

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Golf player - Ph. Marco AntonelliThese range from the red course, which Croze designed in the shade of the pine forest, to the blue course with its water obstacles reminiscent of the great American courses, and finally the yellow course, created in 2004, reinterprets the model of the classic Scottish links with originality.
Thanks to its characteristics, prestigious competitions such as the Italian Professional Championships are held on the Cervia Green every year.
A special place in the season's calendar was occupied by the Gran Premio Città di Cervia, a FIG national competition, played in August 2019.
The tournament, now in its 23rd edition, attracted many of the best elements of Italian amateur golf for an event with a high technical and competitive content.
Not only champions and championships, the Adriatic Golf Club is in fact one of the unmissable destinations for those who love to measure themselves against the hole course even on holiday. In fact, there are covered areas for training and a practice bunker useful for refining one's technique and learning the fundamentals of this sport.

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