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New food concept and young chefs animate the Borgo

New food concept and young chefs animate the Borgo

Good food in Cervia tells of new trends, gourmand places, tradition and innovation on the plate and a volcanic passion for food

Cooking in Romagna

Romagna, a land where you feel good even at the table, because the convivial moment is an experience for the palate, the eyes and the heart.
Cervia is no exception, sharing the pleasure of the good food of this land.
The sea is often at the centre of the dish, accompanied by traditional products, innovative interpretations and original reinterpretations of typical flavours.
This is a cuisine that focuses on quality, exalting the seasonality of the product, but not renouncing identity dishes such as homemade pasta. At the same time, it takes up the challenge of new eating styles, allowing itself to be conquered by collective rituals that change old habits.

Table set in a restaurant  - Ph. Manuela Guarnieri


Aperitif in Piazza Pisacane - Ph. Manuela GuarnieriA lively presence which in some cases has revitalised suggestive places in Cervia's historic centre.
Like in Piazzetta Pisacane, where a number of trendy venues have sprung up, thanks to a new generation of restaurateurs keen to put their passion for food and wine on their plates.
Or along the Darsena canal, which comes alive at sunset with the ritual of the aperitif, or the restaurants of Borgo Marina with their traditional recipes of seafood cuisine, skilfully revisited.
Often all these places are protagonists of themed gastronomic circuits, which accompany the promotion of local zero-kilometre products.

Yet no-one can say they have enjoyed their holiday in Romagna to the full unless they have been captivated, at least once, by the smell of a piadina kiosk.
An icon of Romagna, once a poor man's bread in country houses, today piadina is a delicacy offered with a thousand fillings in the characteristic kiosks scattered everywhere and always present in restaurants.
Trying it is a pleasure, because in a fragrant square there is all the authentic flavour of this land.


The ritual of the aperitif accompanies the slow pace of the holiday. At sunset, for young and old, the pleasure of tasting a good wine accompanied by small local delicacies becomes a fixed stage of the holiday in Romagna.

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