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Nice to meet you, I am from Cervia!

Nice to meet you, I am from Cervia!

0 km products are increasingly in the spotlight: discover the tasty Cervia Cardoon, the blue fish of the Adriatic, the Cervia Mussel and the fragrance of the Romagna Piadina

Traditional products in Cervia

Cervia's larder is full of 0 km provisions. Traditional products linked to the territory and the surrounding environment.
Such as the sea, with the catch of the day, especially blue fish, or the sands that produce wine and Cardo di Cervia, or the salt marsh, with its precious sweet salt.
Products that are increasingly important on our tables.

Recipe with thistle and octopus

Cervia's Cardo di Cervia, which originates in the sands, is a product of Cervia's agricultural tradition, today cultivated by the Fiori farm. A food for connoisseurs, it can only be enjoyed during the winter and is celebrated with a real festival at the end of January.
From the sea comes the Cervia mussel, bred three miles from the coast and processed directly on the boat, checked and selected by hand, and the cuttlefish, which in spring goes to the shore to reproduce. It is a great protagonist in the kitchens of the Festival held in Pinarella in March.
Not only the sea, but also the pinewood is a real treasure trove of flavours, the collection of which, however, is regulated: honeydew honey, the product of bees gathering on pine needles, wild asparagus and other wild herbs, mushrooms, blackberries and pine nuts.

The Cervia musselIn the Food Valley

This was written by Forbes, the US bible of economics, finance and customs, in 2017, and confirmed by the international gastronomy Oscars of The World's 50 Best Restaurants last year, which crowned Massimo Bottura of Modena as the number one chef in the world, confirmed this: the cuisine of Emilia Romagna is the best on the planet!
Where does this enviable record come from?
First and foremost, the raw materials.
An unparalleled quantity of typical products and an incredible biodiversity that has led Emilia Romagna to be renamed the 'Food Valley' of the world.


Piadina, squacquerone cheese and rocket saladThere are 44 PDO and PGI certified products, once again a world record; about 200 traditional products, including handmade pasta; 10 DOC wines with Lambrusco in Emilia and Sangiovese and Albana in Romagna, to be magically combined with an imaginative and eclectic cuisine, a millenary frontier of taste that is renewed along the axis of the Via Emilia, built by the Roman Consul Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, which, even today after 2000 years, from Rimini to Piacenza represents a gastronomic and cultural borderland.
A watershed between two worlds that at the table has overlapped and contaminated the Mediterranean cuisine made of olive oil, pasta, fish and vegetables with the Lombard cuisine rich in butter and meat.
The effect that filled the pages and numbered the recipes of 'Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well' by Pellegrino Artusi from Forlimpopoli, the father of Italian cuisine, originally from central Romagna, was explosive.

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