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The breath of nature

The breath of nature

The pine forest of Cervia - Milano Marittima is an invigorating holiday companion

A splendid natural habitat

The pine forest is a regenerating holiday companion for those who like to alternate physical activity and relax.
A splendid habitat to be discovered with a simple walk through the undergrowth while breathing deeply.

Fishing huts - Ph. Giulia Maioli



The pine forest in Cervia and Milano Marittima is the green lung of the two resorts, suitable for a holiday dedicated to wellbeing, where relaxation and exercise go hand in hand.
The pine forest is a resource loved by tourists who prefer a green holiday, where they can practice physical activities such as running, cycling, relaxing walks or canoeing.
There are well-equipped areas that have been transformed into open-air gyms.


In order to get to know the pine forest better, various initiatives are organised for tourists in the summer, such as walks in which expert guides lead visitors to discover the vegetation or the songs of the birds that live here.
The Associazione Amanti della Pineta often organises ecological walks and with the event "InCanto della natura" the pine forest is filled with sounds and the language of music replaces the silence of nature.

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