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Having fun Romagna-style

Having fun Romagna-style

The unmistakable style of Romagna told by Paolo Cevoli, a successful dop and comedian from Romagna

Special people, special territory: Romagna land of fun


Divertimento Romagnastyle - Ristorante


Whether it is just hanging out together, sharing a meal, participating in the great collective rites of summer or enjoying a drink, dancing in trendy clubs or to traditional music, or perhaps competing in a host of sports events or enjoying the beach from the first light of day to night-time and discovering the hospitality of the people, Romagna’s lifestyle is synonymous with fun.

Divertimento Romagnastyle - Paolo Cevoli






Life here is rich in emotion, for the good living that springs from small gestures and genuine experiences.This is a holiday that would not be the same without the people of Romagna, as the “100% local” comedian Paolo Cevoli tells us when he takes on the role of the professor in a series of lessons that have been viewed online over 14 million times: the Romagnoli are special people, with an innate vocation for hospitality and exceptional conviviality.

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