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Piadina, the queen of street food

Piadina, the queen of street food

Cervia on the table, a territory rich in goodness among piadina kiosks and flavours of Romagna

Sublime wonders of taste

Piadina o crescione?


Piadina, regina del cibo di strada, farcitura piadinaPiadina, regina del cibo di strada, piadina crudo scquaquerone e rucolaThe queen of street food, its fragrance as it cooks on the pan wafts from the kiosks and tempts you to taste it. How can you resist? This is Romagna’s Piadina, a product made with a few simple ingredients - flour, water, salt and lard (or olive oil) – that features as a leading protagonist in the area’s cuisine. Traditionally it is eaten with meats, cheeses, sausage and sardines, but over the years as it has adapted to changing fashions and gastronomic trends, the variations have multiplied. Thus, piadina has ventured into more daring combinations. In times past, it was the quintessential bread of the poor, today it is one of the most greatly loved accompaniments to any meal, appreciated by tourists, ideal for a snack and delicious if washed down with a glass of wine, a beer or more glamorously with... a glass of bubbly.

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