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The new salt “journey”, joining culture, gastronomy, and well-being

The new salt “journey”, joining culture, gastronomy, and well-being

The origins of white gold, fascinating historical buildings and the magical event of its harvest at the end of summer

White gold: from its history to the perfect places for your holiday


Sulle tracce del sale - Torre e magazzino - Ph. Gruppo fotografico cervese


Tracking the progress of the salt in the past, tourists can now experience a pleasant itinerary as their holiday unfolds. Stops include the places once given over to salt: towers, warehouses, and storerooms that now host captivating tourist facilities.

Born from a centuries-old history that linked Cervia’s identity to salt, these places now aim to create a new and equally important identity that talks of gastronomy, culture, and entertainment.

The starting point has to be the Torre San Michele, built between 1689 and 1691 to defend the city and its precious salt, stored in nearby warehouses, from pirate attacks. Today the Torre San Michele is a tourist office that welcomes visitors, hosts initiatives and is the starting point for many guided tours.


Sulle tracce del sale - Officine del sale - Ph. Matteo CasadioSulle tracce del sale - Magazzino Darsena


A few steps away, a warehouse that originally conserved and stored the salt has now become a multipurpose space with a literary café, a shop for local products, and a seafood tavern and restaurant.

In front of the Torre San Michele, is the tower warehouse which could hold roughly 13,000 tons of salt and today hosts the MUSA, the Salt Museum, next to large exhibition spaces and conference rooms.

Its image reflecting on the water, the Darsena warehouse stands opposite; thanks to an imposing redevelopment project it will become a wellness centre, with food and wine outlets, boutiques and event space.

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