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Visit the lands of Triathlon

Visit the lands of Triathlon

A trip on two wheels from the sea to the hill in perfect Romagna style

An itinerary to discover the places where the Ironman is played: cities rich in history, extraordinary artistic treasures, museums and picturesque corners


Le splendide terre del Triathlon, vista di Bertinoro sulla Romagna - Ph. Archivio APTEver since Cervia and the other locations involved in the Italian edition of Ironman - Bertinoro, Forlimpopoli, Ravenna, Forlì and Cesena - welcomed the race for the first time in 2017, they have become “Triathlon Country”, ready to welcome the athletes and their followers with an array of amenities that combine nature and art with good food and wine: attractions that can be appreciated by all involved.

In Cervia you can enjoy the beach life, walk through the pine forest or admire the picturesque corners of the old town.

Ravenna, with its splendid mosaics, boasts eight monuments recognized as World Heritage sites by UNESCO, including S. Vitale, S. Apollinare Nuovo and S. Apollinare in Classe.

Le splendide terre del Triathlon, monumento ai caduti - Ph. Archivio APT

 The Malatesta Library in Cesena is well worth a visit;from the era of humanism, the library is perfectly preserved and contains many splendid illuminated manuscripts.


The medieval village of Bertinoro, known as the “Romagna’s balcony”, is symbolised by its “Hospitality Column”. 

Gastronomist Pellegrino Artusi was born in Forlimpopoli. The town now hosts Casa Artusi, the first gastronomic centre dedicated to home cooking.

Finally, Forlì preserves important examples of rationalist architecture dating back to the Fascist period, while the city’s San Domenico museum complex hosts exhibitions of great appeal: the 2020 exhibition is dedicated to the myth of Ulysses.

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