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Cervia, a village and a sea to experience

Cervia, a village and a sea to experience

Ancient salt town and fishing village.

Cervia sea, town and history

An ancient salt town and fishing village, the town boasts wide, well-equipped beaches and a charming village.

Canal Harbour at night


Cervia is an ancient city of salt which, together with Borgomarina, has always known how to make the most of both its souls.
It has always been a welcoming and lively city that offers its guests wonderful moments.
The city's tourist offer is varied and proposes cultural and entertainment initiatives that enhance its historical and natural resources.
Cervia's saline past is still alive in its Salt Warehouses, in the San Michele Tower and in the quadrilateral of the square where you can admire the low houses of the salt workers.
After a day at the sea, a walk along the canal will take you back in time, accompanied by fishing boats returning from fishing and the waves of the sea.


Family on the beach 


Cervia, with its wide beach stretching along the Riviera, offers safety and comfort thanks to its well-equipped bathing establishments, where hospitality is always top priority.
The fine, uniform beach that leads towards the sea in small steps conveys confidence to its guests.







In the summer evenings, the Borgomarina, with its historic fishermen's dwellings, comes alive with craft markets and typical products, stands, art exhibitions and musical corners.
The two souls of Cervia have given rise to successful events such as Taste of Salt, Salt Route and The Wedding of the Sea.
There are many opportunities to discover Cervia at different times of the year and according to one's interests.
For sports lovers, the national and international events and competitions are appointments not to be missed, and for those who love the green and nature, the Cervia Garden City Festival, which colours every corner of the town with plants and flowers.

Cervia Garden City - Ph. Gianluca Nanni

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