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Ambassadors of Cervia, with the camera lens in hand

Cervia from sunrise to sunset

A picture encloses a precise moment, allowing us to stop it over time and reliving it whenever we want.
The Ambassadors of Cervia do just that.
Through their passion for photography they enhance our territory by capturing every detail of it,
telling a story and making the viewer experience an emotion.

Who are the Ambassadors of Cervia, from sunrise to sunset?

Ambassador is someone who open a window on the world, showing their territory with passion and dedication through quality pictures.

The selection of photos we propose in this section is the result of a collaboration established over the years with our Ambassadors who have made photography their banner, telling through images the great emotions experienced in our town.


Are you curious to see some shots of our Ambassadors?

Immerse yourself in the most beautiful corners of our town by visiting our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Porto canale di Cervia, ph. Eda Dauti

Yamm Festival, yoga a Milano Marittima, ph. Francesco Benazzi

Fascinating Cervia. The romantic atmosphere in town, by the sea and in the salt pans will conquer you also in the liveliest time of the year.

Events like the YAMM Festival in Milano Marittima are the perfect opportunity to rebalance body and spirit from the daily grind. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic and relaxing atmosphere of the sea and pinewood to try this rich selection of holistic activities.


Lots of photography enthusiasts

Looking for the perfect picture for your project?

The professional photographers in our area are always available, with competence, experience and creativity. They have precious archives of images taken in the most beautiful corners of Cervia, and are available for selections of original photos and tailor-made services.

On the other hand, if you want to approach the world of amateur photography, in Cervia there are five clubs and groups that, in different ways, collaborate with us.

Each of us can take pictures: it’s a pleasure, a way to express yourself and fix memories, a way to explore the world and be creative.

Steve McCurry




Would you like to share your photos on Visit Cervia and Visit Milano Marittima or see your shots on these pages?

Ambassadors of Cervia, with the camera lens in hand

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