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Rules and customs in the hotels

Full/Half Board Rates

Full/half board rates apply to stays starting from three days. For shorter stays, standard prices apply for single services (room and meals). However, if meals are selected from the menu of the day, their price will correspond to the ones notified to the Provincial Administration, according to the Italian applicable law.
All prices include VAT.
Night stays are per room per day. Half or full board rates are per person per day.

Starting Date of Full/Half Board Rates and Count of Days of Stay 

Full/half board rates are applied starting from lunch until the breakfast of the following day. Rooms shall be vacated before noon on the Guest's departure day. Full/half board days are counted from arrival day until the day before departure day.
Guests can arrive at the hotel (check in) from 13:00 onwards. For stays of less than three days, there is a surcharge of up to 25% on the rate.

Meal Prices

Full/half board rates will not be discounted in case of meals eaten outside the hotel premises. Additional charges will be applied to meals eaten in places that differ from the ones destined to that use and outside set times.

Sea View

'Sea view' means that the room goes to the sea.

View of the Sea

'View of the sea' means that from the room you can see the sea, although in a limited way.

Payment for Board and Lodging

Payments must be made in cash, by cheque or credit card upon receipt of the invoice at the end of each week.


The Hotelier cannot refuse a room to anybody unless:
- The hotel is full or fully booked
- Guests refuse to show some form of identification.
The Hotelier must inform people who wish to book a room if the hotel is fully booked or of the reasons that hinder the booking.
Upon arrival, Guests must hand over a form of identification, which will be kept by the hotel staff for the registration process and any other operation established by law.

Bookings in Writing

Booking requests are normally considered valid if submitted by letter, telegram, fax or e-mail.

Telephone or Verbal Bookings

Bookings that are made via telephone or verbally must be followed by a letter, telegram, fax or e-mail and the Hotelier must confir the booking to the Guest in writing and by the aforesaid means. Bookings for seasonal structures must be accompanied by a security deposit corresponding to 3 (three) full/half board days. Bookings made verbally and not followed by a written confirmation are valid until 8pm of the first day booked only.

Last Minute Bookings

These are late bookings made via telephone or e-mail. They are subject to the aforesaid rules for bookings and confirmations. In the hotels, verbal bookings are subject to deadlines - 6pm for hotels situated in town - 8pm for hotels situated by the coast, unless Guests inform the hotel management of possible delays. For more secure bookings, Guests should leave their credit card number and make the booking in writing.

On-line Bookings

There is an increasing number of websites for hotels, consortia, agencies, etc., belonging to the 'e-commerce' type: These websites offer information on prices, rates, offers, 'all inclusive' packages, and, increasingly, the possibility to book rooms on-line, with such type of booking having the validity of a hotel contract.
In general, on-line bookings are made by leaving the credit card number as guarantee or by authorising the security deposit payment to be debited to the credit card.


In the event of no-show by the Guests by 2pm of the day following the announced arrival date for a room booked in writing, and if they have not sent any confirmation of their booking, the room will be considered free and the booking cancelled.

Charges to Guests for Non-fulfilment of Contract

Guests will forfeit their security deposit in the event of no-show and, consequently, if the room(s) booked are not occupied. In the event of documented cases of force majeure that have caused the Guest to be unable to fulfil their hotel contract, the Tourism Cervia Municipality - Rules and customs in the hotels Hotelier will keep the security deposit as a deposit for future bookings to be agreed between the parties. 
In the case of early departure by the Guest - and except for documented cases of force majeure and events attributable to the Hotelier or the hotel staff - the Hotelier may cancel offers that would have applied and, in case of stays under three days, standard prices might be applied for the services provided.
As a compensation for damages suffered by the Hotelier, the Guest will pay an indemnity equivalent to the room rate for the remaining days of the stay that had been booked - up to a maximum of three days - on top of the services that have been provided. In this case, the security deposit will be deducted from the final price.
If the room has been re-booked for the period covered by the aforesaid indemnity, this sum might be reimbursed to the defaulting Guest.


Usually, pets are not allowed in hotels.


During hotel meals, Guests may not have food or drinks purchased outside the hotel premises.

Car parks

The hotelier providing parking space for clients' cars shall not be liable for any damage or thefts suffered. If on the other hand, the client pays the hotelier a fee for such parking service, the hotelier shall be liable for any damage or theft suffered by the client.

Claims and disputes

Disputes between the provider of accommodation and the guest shall be governed by applicable legislation (laws, regulations, common practice in the tourist industry).
Any claims relating to the correct application of prices and the accommodation can be made, together with any documentation, to the Tourist Office of Cervia's Municipality and in each of the 4 I.A.T. Tourist Information Offices which receive the claims and forward them to the competent municipal office.
Download here the form for any claims and complaints or fill in the online Form on Comuni-chiamo.


The Tourist Conciliation Desk

The Tourist Conciliation Desk of the Chamber of Commerce of Ravenna is a simple, rapid, and informal instrument alternative to ordinary judical to resolve tourists disputes.
tel. 0544 481411 - 0544 481461 - Fax 0544 481500

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