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The Archeological Site in Montaletto

The Archeological Site in Montaletto

The archeological area in Montaletto is divided into "Chiesa" (Church) and "Scuola" (School).

In the area called Chiesa several remains of Byzantine origin have been found, including a border-line granite stone of 60 cm in diameter, with the incision CL (Classense Property) on it, also remains in clay and concrete, which probably belonged to a bridge-arch, as there was a river passing through that point.
In the School area several bronze coins have been found, of the type which was in use among the merchants of the Adriatic at the Adrian time, funerary vases, marble and clay fragments, as well as the pediment corner of a large grave, with the relief of a jellyfish, the symbol of death, have also been found.
During ploughing works near Via Ruggine (Province Road 33) 5 tombs decorated with mosaics and a farm in bricks of the 2nd or 3rd century were brought to light.
Some of these findings are now displayed in Musa - Salt Museum and in Ravenna museums.

Where: Via Montaletto, Villa Inferno

Admission: it is not possible to visit it

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