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The Madonna Assunta Statue - Town Hall

The Madonna Assunta Statue - Town Hall

The decision to provide the Town Hall with a statue dedicated to the Assumption Madonna, and to place it in a railing balcony, was made in a communal assemby in 1754.

Statua Assunta

 It has not been possible to understand by which workshop or artist, but it was certainly made in Ravenna or Faenza's areas.

According to a custom of that time, the Madonna originally wore a blue mantle and red drapes, which were then repeatedly re-painted and restored, today the colours are white, like marble, and pink, for a terracotta effect.
In the early 1800s the statue was moved to a new tower in the present location, inside the aedicule where it is housed, made of Istrian marble with floral decorations and later (1945) embellished with golden-blue mosaics in the background. .
The popular tradition lets the statue and the balcony erroneously date back to the time of Old Cervia.

Where: Piazza Garibaldi, Cervia.

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