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The Velario - The Ancient Curtain in the Town Theatre

The Velario - The Ancient Curtain in the Town Theatre

The Cervia theatre painted veil shows a particular view of the town.

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Giovanni Canepa from Lugano was the artist who decorated the vaulted roof in the theatre and painted its curtain, which is supposingly the only one with a fishermen scene on it. The painted veil, that shows a particular view of the town, very strange from the point of the perspective, due probably to the need of concentrating a lot of details, was first used in 1863, a few months after the theatre was opened.
As it was in very bad condition, for humidity and wear had caused various damage to it, the communal authorities decided to have it restored, through delicate work, by the restorer Enzo Petrucci from Urbino.
With extreme ability he could fix the colors using special acrylic resins and japanese paper as well, and repaired the lacerations inserting thin fabric sheets.
On 8th Nov. 1997 he finished his work with the restoration of the painted parts, partly damaged or even missing, using watercolors, and gave this canvas back to Cervia,so that it took its place once again in the town heritage.


WhereVia XX Settembre 125 - Cervia


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