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Church of Saint Andrew apostle

Church of Saint Andrew apostle

Built around 1860, in the place of a parish church of the 12th century, the church of Saint Andrew is an example of neoclassicism.

The façade is characterized by pilasters and divided into three units. One of these, the central one, has a triangular pediment on the top. The same pattern decorates the entrance. Originally an aisleless church, it has now two side aisles as a result of the works of the first decades of the past century.Church of Saint Andrew apostle

The apse is separeted from the central nave by a wide round arch, over which a wooden crucifx of great value is placed.
The background of the apse is decorated by a mosaic which represents the Saint Andrew apostle, whom the church is dedicated.

The tower, dating back to the 1920, damaged at the top by a lightning and the wars, has been recently restored.

Via S. Andrea 6, Villa Inferno

Opening: yearly

Admission: free

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