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Madonna degli Angeli Sanctuary

Madonna degli Angeli Sanctuary

The sanctuary devoted to the Lady of the Angels is situated in the small locality of Cannuzzo, about 10 km from Cervia

 Bell Tower of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Angels




It is a typical small 18th-century church, with a simple, linear façade and the inner part in a latin-cross pattern plant, with a single nave and two small side chapels.

It is well known especially because of its wonderful frescoes of the 16th century, with the image of the Virgin Maria surrounded by angels.


Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Angels


It is interesting also the truss-beam roof recently restored as well as the side bell-tower, which is not particularly tall and has not been restored yet, though it is well integrated in the architectural complex of the Sanctuary.



Re-exposure, Shrine of Our Lady of the Angels


Where: Via Salara 172, Cannuzzo

Opening: yearly

Admission: free

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