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Madonna della Neve Church

Madonna della Neve Church

This deconsecrated church stands in the middle of the saltpans, in the area called Prato della Rosa (The Rose field) where Old Cervia stood in the past

Madonna della Neve ChurchThe surrounding scenery is extremely interesting, dominated by Cervia's saltpans and its protected naturalistic oasis, which shelters several animal species. Especially at the sunset the landscape gives one of the most fascinating scenes in Cervia's territory.
The Church devoted to the Snow Madonna (Madonna della Neve) was built in 1603 on the order of Cardinal Bonifacio Bevilacqua, Bishop of Cervia, as well as some of the members of the Capponi's Family from Florence, who were in charge of the Treasury of Romagna. It was a simple, linear building, with a narrower front part. Church of Our Lady of the Snows


From the former church it still has only the façade, which, thanks to the intervention of the Monuments and Fine Arts Office, has kept its simple original features.

Nothing from the original inner part has been kept, after being used as Finance-Police headquarters it has become a private house, nevertheless it is a very important historical-artistic evidence , being the only building of Old Cervia. Actually, the ancient inhabitants of the village decided to save the small church from the demolition and left the graves of the deads under the floor before moving to New Cervia.
In the past, the church housed the painting called "The Snow Madonna" by the painter Barbara Longhi, which is now kept in Cervia's Cathedral.


The former church is now a private house.

Where: Via Statale Salaria, Cervia

Admission: it is not possible to visit it

Church of Our Lady of the Snows


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