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La Casa delle Aie (Farmyard house)

La Casa delle Aie (Farmyard house)

The "Farmyard House" stands just outside the town, in the country around Cervia, not far from the century-old pinewood of Milano Marittima.

La casa delle Aie (Farmyard house), Savio

It probably dates back to 1700, as all the documents found so far about it derive from that time. Casa delle Aie (Farmyard house)
It is an imposing farm consisting of two floors, with a façade which shows two evidenced staircase spaces on each side, and between these two protrusions there are three round arches, inside which there are the first floor windows. On the first floor a 6 mt-long porch divides two rooms, the kitchen and the space which was once used as a dormitory. Beside the house there was a stable and a hayloft. In front of the house there was a court divided in farmyards, some of which paved in bricks.
The house was once at the service of the pinewood workers, in fact it was their dormitory. In 1789 a fire almost destroyed it, at the end of first world war it lost its traditional function and suffered from a total decline, until the municipality decided in 1927 to give it to the farm company Bassona, that restored it and used it for agricultural purposes.

Casa delle Aie (Farmyard house)

But as the technologies were progressively replacing human work and the cattle, the house became more and more useless and was abandoned. In the 60s the cultural association Amici dell'Arte (The friends of Arts) asked the municipality to rent it and they restored it. ses.

Today it is one of the most popular and appreciated restaurants in Emilia Romagna.

In the small theatre behind the house take place regularly dialect comedies, poetry recitals and conferences.

Where: Via Aldo Ascione 4, Savio
Casa delle Aie (Farmyard house), Savio
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