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Via XX Settembre

Via XX Settembre

This historical street is situated in the centre of Cervia.

 Via XX Settembre, The Saltworkers' village

Its origin coincides with the building of the New Town.
It has a perfectly quadrangular, geometrical trajectory, just like the historical centre, in fact the old saltworkers' houses were built along this street.

Via XX Settembre, Cervia

These houses were very similar to one another, characterized by a semi-circular arch above the portal and three steps to enter the inner room ; each house was divided into three rooms, each for one family.
There were 26 courts, used as a deposit for the saltworkers' tools, and in the middle there was a well providing clear water.
Hardly any of those courts have maintained their original features, but concerts and poetry recitals are frequently organized there for the protection of their historic-cultural interest.
The street was the fulcrum of the town-life until the 40s-50s and from january 2001 the street has been restored by the cobblestones, irregular flint and trachyte stones as the close Piazza Garibaldi.
The entrance of the Town Theatre of 1800s overlooks the street.

Where: Via XX Settembre, Cervia

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