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Time places

Time places

Timeless places

There are buildings, areas and corners of cities that are and will be part of the territory forever. Places where famous people have passed through, major events have taken place or simply daily life, with its protagonists, passed quietly, but left an everlasting mark. Some buildings have been abandoned and are witnesses to the past, while others are part of major renovation and restoration projects to underline their great historical and cultural value.

Antica Pescheria - The Old Fishers' Market

The old fishers's market is just in Cervia's historical centre.

Darsena Salt Storehouse

Overlooking the salt-pan canal, opposite the Magazzino del Sale Torre, it is a significant example of industrial archaeology, linked to the salt-making tradition.

La Casa delle Aie (Farmyard house)

The "Farmyard House" stands just outside the town, in the country around Cervia, not far from the century-old pinewood of Milano Marittima.


The charm of a building where water and sky meet in harmony. The new location immersed in nature of the Night Club that first opened in the centre of Milano Marittima

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