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Villa Giuseppe Palanti

Villa Giuseppe Palanti

This is one of the best preserved seaside villas in Milano Marittima

Milano Marittima, Villa of Giuseppe PalantiIn 1912 the Società Anonima Milano Marittima decided to parcel out the pine forest to the north of the historic centre of Cervia to build an initial settlement of residential villas, which were to become, as a brochure of the time put it, "a small white house by the sea, or hidden in the fresh green of a wood".
Villa Giuseppe Palanti
The urbanisation project belonged to Giuseppe Palanti, a painter and teacher at the Brera Academy, as well as a founding partner of the real estate company that was to carry out the projects, and it is no coincidence that his villa remains one of the best preserved today.
The villa, in Art Nouveau style with exotic and Moorish decorations, is located in the centre of Milano Marittima, halfway between the sea and the pine forest.

The villa is private.

Villa Giuseppe Palanti, Milano Marittima - Ph. Archivio Turismo

Where: Viale 2 Giugno 72, Milano Marittima

Entrance: cannot be visited

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