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Birdwatching Po Delta Park

Birdwatching Po Delta Park

A natural reserve where avocets, blackwinged stilts, seagulls, mallards and many other species make their nests.

Birdwatching Delta Park

Birdwatching in salina - Uccelli - Ph. Gruppo fotografico cerveseA humid saltwater area, the Cervia Salt pan comprises a submerged part, which covers about 90% of the entire area  in winter, and an emerged part where it is possible to observe the characteristic halophilic flora.

Of ancient origin, the Cervia Salt Pan has been a symbol of wealth for the production of salt. Today, the protagonist is no longer the salt but the territory, unique in its environmental value. The different pools of varying salinity that make up the salt pan territory create unique environments.

In spring and autumn it is possible to observe a large number of birds, both migrating and nesting.

Birdwatching in salina - Fraticello - Ph. Guerrino Gori

There are different routes and excursions you can make:

- "Grasèla" trail (about 250m long)

- "La via dei nidi" trail (about 500m long)

-"L'argine delle Tamerici" trail (about 750m long)


Do you want to discover more routes and tours? Visit the special section! 


For guided tours, excursions or didactic activities:
Saltpan Visitors Centre
Via Bova 61, Cervia
Tel. 0544 973040
Fax 0544 974548


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