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Cannuzzo river park

Cannuzzo river park

A few kilometers from Cervia, a 3-hectars green oasis with a cycle path and rest areas among poplar, willow and ash trees.

What is it

Born thanks to the recovery project and to the enhancement of floodplain areas of Savio river, this place had an intervention of redevelopment between 2006 and 2008 which allowed the creation of environments in favour of the restoration of the river ecosystem.

The park was designed for two more functions: recreational area and and cycle link between the Cervia coast and the hills of Cesena.

How to live the parkParco fluviale - mappa

The large rest area, provided with seats shaded by the grove of poplars, willows and ash trees and equipped with tables, benches and barbecues, favours socialization and allows visitors to fully enjoy the view and the peace of this river enviroment.

Its internal paths allow the connection along the river in the direction of Cesena on one side and towards the sea on the other (for now up to Castiglione and the Bosco del Duca d'Altemps), enriching the entire cycle-touristic-environmental texture.

Where to find it

Along the provincial Salara Street there are all the accesses to the park. The entries are indicated by explanatory totems in stone and located: to the north near the bridge over the Savio River, to the west near the cemetery and to the east at the back of the Madonna degli Angeli Parish.

What can be seen around

Nearby the path you can admire architectural assets such as:

  • the nineteenth-century Church of the Madonna degli Angeli in Cannuzzo

  • Palazzo Grossi in Castiglione di Ravenna, fortified residence of the '600

  • the tobacco dryers in Castiglione di Ravenna, typical evidence of industrial archeology of the '900

  • Palazzo Guazzi in Castiglione di Cervia

  • Palazzo Doria, typical country residence, with park, owned by noble families.

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