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The Po Delta Park

The Po Delta Park 

A natural treasure


Birdwatching in salina - Tramonto - Ph. Gruppo fotografico cervese


With two UNESCO recognitions, the Po Delta Park is part of the UNESCO MaB Biosphere Reserves thanks to an ecosystem and biodiversity enhanced by sustainable development strategies. 

The Park is born in the last part of the course of the River Po, on the eastern border with the Po Valley. It extends over two regions for a total of 64 thousand hectares: 12 thousand hectares inside the province of Rovigo in Veneto and 52 thousand hectares in Emilia Romagna between the provinces of Ferrara and Ravenna. 

The park represents harmony between land and water in a continuation of different environments: flooded woods, pine groves and forests alternate with freshwater and saltwater wetlands. A true protected paradise for lovers of nature, a varied territory which thanks to its biodiversity hosts approximately:

  • 300 bird species

  • 50 fish species

  • 10 amphibian species

  • 15 reptile species

  • 40 mammal species 

  • more than 1000 plant species 

 The stations of the Park

Six stations, six environments to explore 

The vastness and environmental diversities have led to the birth of six stations, enchanting and picturesque locations which follow one another in a changing and dynamic environment. 

  • Station 1: Volano – Mesola – Goro

  • Station 2: Historic centre of Comacchio

  • Station 3: Comacchio Valleys

  • Station 4: Pine grove of San Vitale and Pialasse di Ravenna

  • Station 5: Pine grove of Classe and Salt Pan of Cervia

  • Station 6: Campotto di Argenta

The Po Delta Park is one of the most important wetland areas of Europe and the largest in Italy.

We will try and describe the uniqueness of the landscapes of Station 5, which includes the territory of Cervia with its salt pan and pine groves.



A corner of paradise in the Po Delta Park 

Enchanting Cervia between Salt Pan and Pine grove

The Salt Pan of Cervia

Salina di Cervia, panoramica

Gateway to the south, the Salt Pan of Cervia is located between the stations and the most picturesque locations of the park. With its 827 hectares and more than 14 km of canals, it has become a Nature Reserve, nesting area for many species and unmistakable stopover point for lovers of birdwatching.

The local pine groves

pineta mm - 400x400

Green lung, guardian of history and destination of environmental tourism, the pine groves are a true oasis for lovers of nature and wellbeing.

Following the climatic events of July 2019 the New Urban Park project was launched to re-evaluate and requalify the areas of the pine groves that were badly hit.

Experience the Park

Trips and guided tours to get to know the beauty and traditions of the territory


Excursion in the saltpan by canoe

Canoeing from the green pine forest to the colours of the saltpan

Sunset in the saltpan, by bike

Cycling along the Cervia Saltpan

Little train in the salt pan

Guided tour on a little train through the salt pan

Pedalling through the salt pans

Bicycle excursion to discover the salt pools of the Cervia salt pan

Traces of an ancient Roman saltpan

A walk at the Camillone Saltpan dedicated to the history and secrets of Cervia's sweet salt

Canoe excursions

Paddling in a picturesque landscape, between pine forest and saltpan

Salina, special salt harvesting excursion

By electric boat to the salting basins in the Cervia Saltpan

Sunset in the saltpan, by electric boat

By electric boat to the heart of the Cervia saltpan, to experience the magical atmosphere of sunset

Tour in English on the Traces of an ancient Roman saltpan

A walk in English at the Camillone Saltpan dedicated to the history and secrets of Cervia's sweet salt

Voices in the nature

Exploring the power of voice in connection with nature

Meditative walks in the pinewood

In the pine forest of Pinarella and Tagliata, to rediscover the calmness of the heart

Nature walks in the pine forest

Organised by FAI, included in the programme of Luoghi d'autore (Author's Places)

Nordic walking in the saltpan

From the Cervia Saltpan Visitor Centre to the salt piles

An increasingly sustainable tourism 

On 13 January 2021 the Po Delta Park was awarded the European Card of Sustainable Tourism. 
An international recognition issued by Europarc, to territories committed to sustainable tourism. 

See more 

Salt basins of the Salt Pan of Cervia

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