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Monumental tree: mulberry - Morus Alba

Monumental tree: mulberry - Morus Alba

This tree is protected by Emilia Romagna Region

Where: Via Catullo, Pinarella



Albero monumentale Gelso This mulberry tree is protected by Emilia Romagna laws because of the exceptional dimension, the excellent vegetation and its historic interest.

Law protection guarantees its safety,  in fact it is not allowed to touch the hypogean structure, nor the epigean one. Its good health conditions are preserved by a respect area of 5 m.

Even a conservative pruning must be previously allowed  by the Region  authority.

In winter 1995 it underwent a successful major transplantation under the supervision of  Prof. Chiusoli, from University of Bologna




Trunk circumference3,95 m(considered at 1,30 m. from ground level)

Branches structure starting at 2,10 m. from ground level

Crown protection diameter 12-13 m.Albero Monumentale Gelso - Morus Alba

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