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Monumental Tree: White Poplar - Populus Alba

Monumental Tree: White Poplar - Populus Alba

One of the many protected monumental trees in the Municipality of Cervia

Albero monumentale Pioppo Bianco

Origin, history and curiosities.

The Populus alba or white poplar is a deciduous tree, 142 cm in diameter and up to 30 metres high, with a wide rounded crown. It is not a long-lived plant, rarely reaching a hundred years of age. Its dark grey bark remains smooth for a long time and is dotted with small suberose lenticels; it later becomes darker and furrowed longitudinally at the base of the tree.

The leaves are oval or roundish in shape, with the underside covered in thick whitish hair, hence the plant's common name.
It is a southern Central European species, native to Spain and Morocco, whose range extends as far as North Africa and Central Asia. The white poplar is a symbol of new life, of spiritual rebirth, particularly for the Greeks it symbolised the path to a new life, the hero's passage from death to a new condition of light.

Where: Via Crociarone, Pisignano

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