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The wood of newborns in Cervia Milano Marittima

The wood of newborns in Cervia Milano Marittima

In the "Città Giardino", the projet "A tree for each newborn" starts "The Wood of newborns": a green area of 8 hectares.

Pictures of the newborn forest

What is it?

Each new life is celebrated with the planting of a tree of one of the typical species of Romagna's coastal forests, such as farnias, ash trees, holm oaks and stone pines, while promoting the culture of environmental protection.

Two small rest areas house notice boards displaying the names of children born in Cervia between 1995 and 2008.

Where is it?

The wood, which is completely accessible, is located on municipal agricultural land in the Bassona area of Milano Marittima, with the main access located in Via delle Aie, near to the Casa delle Aie.

Map of the Newborn Forest


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