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Wood of the Duke d'Altemps

Wood of the Duke d'Altemps

The wood hosts specimen of common oaks that can be higher than 30 meters, with a rich undergrowth that is part of the Po Delta Park, located a short walk from Castiglione di Cervia.

The Duke of Altemps Wood, entrance to the woodland

How it was born

Originally used for the land reclamation of the area, the Duke’s d’Altemps Channel was built at the beginning of the XX century and soon abandoned in the following decades.
Along its banks two rows of common oaks were planted and they brought to life the wood we know today.

How the wood is today

The Wood of the Duke d'Altemps is a strip of green that stretches for about a kilometer, with high trees and a rich undergrowth.

The peculiarity is due to the presence of majestic common oaks, the higher specimens reach 30 meters up.

A naturalistic treasure chest unique for its conformation, positioned in a small area, in terms of extension, but very important for its genetic heritage.

The Wood is today part of the protected area of ​​the Po Delta Park and is under the forest protection of the region Emilia Romagna. 

Living in the wood

The area, in addition to it naturalistic importance, is suitable for educational and recreational activities thanks to its inner path equipped with stopping points with information panels.

A real open-air museum to promote the protection of the environment as a common heritage. 

How to reach it

The Wood is located a few kilometers from Cervia, between the towns of Castiglione di Cervia and Savio, in the stretch between via Viazza and via Ragazzena, along the right bank of the Savio river.

To facilitate access, a small rest area and a car parking are available

The Wood is reachable by bike and mountain bike from the cycle-pedestrian track that starts from the river park of Cannuzzo. 

Where to find it

Via Ragazzena, Castiglione


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