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Free beaches in the municipality of Cervia

Free beaches in the municipality of Cervia

If you don't want to stay in one of the several seaside establishments you can find some free beaches along our coast.

The free beaches are guarded and have a lifeguard service, during the summer period, according to the schedule for the entire Cervia beach:


  • Between the seaside establishments BEN n. 191 and OBA OBA n. 194
    Big free beach part in Lungomare Deledda, between Viale Milazzo and via Cairoli
    equipped with toilets and showers


  • Between the seaside establishments Roma n. 269 and Mazzanti n. 268
    Viale Forlì
    Equipped with toilets and showers


  • Near the seaside establishment n. 102
    between Via Sardegna and Via Venezia Giulia


Protected beach, destined for renaturalisation

In Milano Marittima, the beach area in front of the former Colonia Varese, between the 19th and the 22nd Traversa, is a stretch of beach of natural beauty.
This stretch of beach is not a free beach for the purpose of bathing with umbrellas and sunbeds, but is destined for renaturalisation to ensure the preservation of the original coastal dunes.

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