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The new Promenade in Milano Marittima

The new Promenade in Milano Marittima

A "green" promenade along the Milano Marittima establishments

Pionieri del Turismo promenade - Ph. Dany Fontana

A synthesis of Milano Marittima's elegance, the new seafront promenade inaugurated on 20 July 2018 is the crowning achievement of a long redevelopment process linked to the preservation of the urban landscape and the historic natural heritage of the "garden city".

The large green areas are perfectly integrated between the bathing establishments and the pedestrian and cycle paths. These are up to 4 metres wide and are equipped with convenient bicycle parking, resting and social areas.

The modern décor fits in perfectly with the surroundings and can also be seen at the roundabouts at the end of the crossings, which facilitate the manoeuvring of motor vehicles that are not allowed inside the promenade.

At the moment, the Promenade extends from the Cervia canal to the 10th Traversa, with a route of 1300 m. 

It is planned to complete the entire waterfront up to the 19th Traversa.
The section from the canal port to the canal, at the height of the 1st Traversa, is named after Antonio Batani, the remainder after the Pioneers of Tourism.

The Dune and the Bunkers: a treasure trove of history and nature

The stretches along a long stretch of the Milano Marittima beach, which is why it touches on places of interest that were preserved during the revaluation works and which can now be admired in a new reality.


The Dune of Milano Marittima - Ph. Franca PanzavoltaLarch walkways on the Dune - Ph. Franca Panzavolta

The Dune

The Milano Marittima Dune is an environment preserved in its original state and an example of the dune systems that once formed the natural banks of this part of the Adriatic coast.

In order to preserve it as much as possible, only a few larch wooden walkways have been built, which can be used to walk around and admire the various species of herbaceous plants and shrubs that grow spontaneously on the sandy soil of the Dune.

The Dune is located in the area of the seafront between Via Zara and Viale Forlì, on the side opposite the bathing establishments.

Inside the Bunker

German mural inside in the bunker 

Bunkers: Tobruk and Regelbau

Remains of a time when Milano Marittima was occupied by the Germans during the Second World War, the bunkers were discovered during the construction of the Promenade, hidden under the sand.

At first, numerous "dragon's teeth", blocks of cement with the characteristic shape of an anti-tank barrage, surfaced. Later, two Tobruk-type bunkers, one of them attached to the larger Regelbau 668, were brought to light.

Today it is possible to visit them by means of guided tours that retrace their history, full of fascinating details related to these places.


Homage to Antonio Batani and the Pioneers of Tourism

The Promenade of Milano Marittima remembers important figures of the Cervia coast who, thanks to their intervention and foresight, have enabled the resort to flourish over the years and become one of the most outstanding destinations on the Adriatic Riviera.

A plaque is dedicated to each of them, each placed in different areas of the promenade.


  • Antonio "Tonino" Batani (16 June 1936 - 22 December 2015)

    An entrepreneur and hotelier of excellence who began his career as a simple waiter in Saint Moritz, until he became the owner of several top hotels on the Adriatic Riviera, such as the Palace Hotel in Milano Marittima or the Grand Hotel in Rimini. He was also responsible for the first redevelopment of a section of the promenade, between Via Baracca and Via Cimarosa.

    Where: Corner with Viale Forlì


  • Ettore Sovera (21 May 1898 - 20 August 1971)

    Manager of the 'Mare e Pineta' hotel, headquarters of the German command between 1943-44. He put his life in danger by giving refuge to Jews and British generals. He brought tourism in Cervia to an international level.

    Where: at the end of via Cimarosa, next to the Mare Pineta crossing.


  • Silvano Collina (8 November 1921 - 17 April 1974)

    Innovative hotelier and promoter of the Pula-Cervia Crossing, the Spring Marinade and other internationally renowned events.

    Where: at the end of Toti Street.


  • Carlo Allegri (12 February 1872 - 25 December 1940)

    Entrepreneur and tourism pioneer who brought prestige to the town. He was the founder of a historic family of hoteliers and restaurateurs from Cervia.

    Where: at the end of via Corsica.


  • Italo Benzi (10 October 1912 - 2 September 1992)

    Entrepreneur who had the courage to believe in the future of tourism in Milano Marittima at the end of the 1940s, at a difficult time after the First World War.

    Where: at the end of via Cadorna.


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