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Aldo Spallicci (1886-1973)

Aldo Spallicci (1886-1973)

He always had a particular bond with Cervia.

He was a fine doctor, an outstanding politician, tied to the ideas of the Risorgimento, defender of the values of freedom, a scholar and protagonist of the recovery of the traditions and cultures of Romagna and a singer and poet of his land.

He expressed his strong tie with Cervia through his poetry describing the environment, the landscapes, the people and every day life.

In1946, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the death of Grazia Deledda  he wrote an epitaph for the memorial tablet which is on the wall of the "Villa Caravella" where the writer from Sardinia had stayed.

He was also a great defender of the natural heritage of Cervia and Milano Marittima and of the pinewood in particular.

He was one of the biggest supporters of the hypothesis to change the name of the seaside town of Milano Marittima to "Cervia Pineta", besides opposing the development of indiscriminate tourism which puts its beautiful natural surroundings at risk.

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