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Carlo Saporetti (1896 - 1981)

Carlo Saporetti (1896 - 1981)

Born to a family of printers, in fact his grandfather Guglielmo founded the first printing shop in Cervia in 1881, which was then run by his father Vincenzo and then by Carlo from 1920 onwards.

The prints made in his "shop" were the beginning of an art which no longer exists, that is of the designer. The posters coming from the Saporetti printing office were pieces of work in which the decorations, the arrangement of the letters and the language used blended together forming a unique message of great value.

"Carluccio" ran his "shop" until the 60s, the only one in town at that time, then he had to abandon the place he so loved.

As well as his printing activities he received the decoration of "Cavaliere della Republica" and was awarded with a silver medal of military valour in the war between 1915-18 for his courageous fighting while putting his life at risk in the front line.

He then became secretary of the Socialist Group in Cervia and was pursued as such during the Fascist dictatorship.

After having avoided being captured he was elected president of the National Liberation Committee and soon afterwards of the National Association of the Italian Partisans.

His passion for art and show business allowed him also to become an actor and in particular author of several plays, some of which were performed by some important companies, others were published and others remained unpublished.

He was then founder and first president of the society "Amici dell'Arte" (Friends of Art) and together with others he took care of cultural and artistic activities.

He worked particularly hard, and with great skill, on archaeological digs in Cervia, putting his own studies on its origin at the disposal of the town.

Until the end of his life he lived among the pine trees of "his" Milano Marittima, which he considered a real treasure amidst natural surroundings

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